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Industrial & Diagnostic

Welcome to Richland Glass

At Richland Glass our manufacturing engineers can provide standard and custom manufacturing solutions for our customer’s electronics, industrial and scientific glass applications.

Richland precision electronic glass and quartz products are used in a wide variety of sophisticated systems. Precisely manufactured to customers specifications, Richland components and sub assemblies have become an integral part of such diverse applications as X Ray tubes for Industrial systems, components for automotive systems, and precision components for high tech Industrial processes.

Other applications include: Tubular Glass Vials, Glass Components for Sealing, Precision Glass Envelopes, Special Purpose Stems, Laser & Specialty Fabrications, Precision Bore Tubing in Special Shapes, Cutting, Direct Draw, Re-drawing, Glass to Metal Sealing, Re-Pressing, Polishing, Grinding, Tooling & Special Melting.

Your Go-to Glass Manufacturing & Fabricating Specialist Since 1960