Precision Glass Cutting Components

Using a combination of diamond saw cutting, Thermal or hot cutting and score and break methods Richland services many industries with cut glass components. Our world class cutting delivers over 30 million parts per week to a wide range of industries including lighting, electronics, automotive, diagnostic and as well as many others. Richland will process these materials so you can put them directly on you production line in without any further processing.

Applications / Components for:

  • Hermetic sealing beads, bridge material for automotive lighting.
  • Light bulb blanks for small lights, blanks for syringe cartridges, and many other forms of diagnostic glassware
  • Exhaust tubes in light bulbs, glass tubes for diagnostics, and any other item that needs mass produced tubes


  • Automotive
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Diagnostic

Process Capabilities:

  • Diamond Saw Cutting is the most precise method and can hold tolerances as tight as +/- 0.001 inches or +/- 0.03 mm. This method is best when the parts are smaller, less than 5 mm and precision and cleanliness are essential.
  •  Thermal or Hot cutting is a method for cutting glass which uses a controlled heating then cooling of glass to produce a cut in the glass. This method is typically used to cut glass with an outside diameter of greater than 5mm, and is usually finished with a fire polish.
  •  Score and Break uses a sharp object to scratch glass and then bends it to propagate the crack through the material. This method is popular for sheet glass and also for tubes which are 5mm or less. These parts are generally fire polished and used for.
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