Glass Packaging for Scientific – Pharmaceutical Industries

Our tubular glass vials are produced  according to industry standards or to your individual specifications. Richland Glass vials are made from ASTM and USP Type 1, Classes A and B borosilicate glass. Type 1 borosilicate glass has high chemical resistance as well as very low extractables. These types of glasses can handle temperatures over 200 Degrees C and are capable of handling any type of sterilization procedures. These glasses are compatible with all types of laboratory and packaging applications including both parenteral and non parenteral products as well as most reagents, buffers and chemicals. Type 1 borosilicate glass also has a very low pH shift when exposed to water and reagents and make it an ideal packaging medium. All vials are 100% clear room packed.

Market End Use Application
Diagnostic Reagents, blood media and testing, urine analysis
Analytical Chromatography, DNA testing, genome sequencing
Pharmaceuticals Human injectable, oral liquid dosage, dry fill, animal health
Gas/Oil/Water Municipal & private water testing, energy – oil industry, hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
Nutraceuticals Dietary supplements, herbal medications
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